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Not to be confused with the traditional Angel's Kiss version.

In the story "The Grand Babylon Hotel", by Arnold Bennett; an earlier variation is described.


  • ’Bring me an Angel Kiss.’
  • ’Bring me an Angel Kiss, and be good enough to lose no time.’
  • ’Get a liqueur glass,’ he said, half curtly and half with good-humoured tolerance, ‘pour into it equal quantities of maraschino, cream, and crême de menthe. Don’t stir it; don’t shake it. Bring it to me. And, I say, tell the bar-tender - ‘
  • ’Tell the bar-tender to make a note of the recipe, as I shall probably want an Angel Kiss every evening before dinner so long as this weather lasts.’
  • A few minutes later, while the alert, middle-aged man was tasting the Angel Kiss, Jules sat in conclave with Miss Spencer, who had charge of the bureau of the Grand Babylon.
  • Says he wants an “Angel Kiss” - maraschino and cream, if you please - every night. I’ll see he doesn’t stop here too long.’
  • Just as there was only one Racksole, so there was only one Jules, and Miss Spencer instinctively shared the latter’s indignation at the spectacle of any person whatsoever, millionaire or Emperor, presuming to demand an ‘Angel Kiss’, that unrespectable concoction of maraschino and cream, within the precincts of the Grand Babylon.
  • The resentment of Jules, on being requested to supply Mr Theodore Racksole with an Angel Kiss, will therefore be appreciated.
  • It was Mr Racksole, the intrepid millionaire who had dared to order an Angel Kiss in the smoke-room of the Grand Babylon.



  1. Combine ingredients into a Shot glass or Cordial glass
  2. Do not stir or shake