Summer Blood and Sand


In a medium bowl, combine 200 grams orange juice, 2.5 grams Versa-Whip (available online), 1/2 gram xanthan gum (also available online). Use immersion blender with whisk attachment to whip juice into foam.

In chilled cocktail shaker or pint glass, stir together Scotch, vermouth, bitters, and ice until well combined. Strain into chilled double old fashioned glass and top with cherry ale and orange foam.


The Blood and Sand cocktail came into existence around 1930, when Harry Craddock wrote about the cocktail in his book, The Savoy Cocktail Book. The original inventor of the drink is unknown but the cocktail is inspired by the 1922 movie, Blood and Sand.[2]


  1. Versawhip is a soy protein that is used similarly to egg whites or gelatin in the stabilization of foams, especially whipped ones. It has greater strength than egg whites and a greater temperature range than gelatin. However, Versawhip will not work with products containing fat. It is also often combined with xanthan gum for more stable foams.
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