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16.9oz Water Bottle

Bob's Lemonade is a cocktail popularized in Austin, Texas by a guy named Bob. This beverage has been known to make college students fall asleep in their Whataburgers.



  1. Drink the bottle down to where it stops tapering. This should leave enough space in the bottle for the rest. If it doesn't look like it all the liquid will fit, drink some more. You'll need it.
  2. To the bottle, add lemonade mix, whiskey, triple sec, grenadine, and bitters -- in that order. 
  3. Screw cap on and shake. 

If you start running out of room in the bottle in step two, skip ahead to step three to ensure an even mixture, and then go back to adding ingredients.


  1. Combine all the ingredients in an empty water bottle [1]
  2. Cap and shake well to combine [2]
  3. Chill in freezer 15-30 minutes[3] (assumes ingredients are not pre-chilled in a refrigerator or other chilling device)
  4. Remove from freezer, uncap, and fill with ice-cold water
  5. Cap and shake well
  6. Serve in bottle


  1. It's a LOT easier than measuring on the fly.
  2. Shaking before capping is... undesireable.
  3. The mix should not be allowed to freeze.