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The Cure is dedicated to pushing the art of mixing drinks past its conventional categories, traditions, and self-imposed limitations. Traditionally cocktail bars have been bastions of civility and sophistication. Different from saloons where the point was to become inebriated rapidly and economically, the cocktail bar was a place where ladies and gentlemen went to socialize in a productive and cultured way. Inspired by the historical period when cocktails grew out of medicine and home remedies, the idea at Cure is to reintroduce their guests to another time where the experience of having a cocktail and a bite to eat was both healthful and enjoyable.

Contact Info[]

4905 Freret Street
New Orleans LA 70115
(504) 302-2357



  • Tiki Topiary
  • Tiki Shrub
  • Nanu Nanu
  • Profundo Rosso
  • Ghosts Of My Life
  • The Von Tromp
  • As Wine Stands Time
  • Cocoliche
  • The "G" Word
  • Once Upon A Time In Terrytown
  • New Orleans #2
  • New Orleans #3
  • Chink In The Armour
  • All's Fair