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Contributed by The Bartending School.

This recipe serves 10+



  1. Combine Tabasco with 8-10 ice cubes in a blender
  2. Blend until ice is well crushed
  3. Add vodka, cinnamon schnapps, whiskey and herbal liqueur
  4. Blend until well-chilled
  5. Pour into Mason jars
  6. Add splash of butterscotch schnapps OR 1/2 tablespoon of hot, melted butter
  7. Serve!

Alternate Recipes[]

  • Replace cinnamon schnapps with lager-style beer:
    • Do not blend beer with other ingredients.
    • After blending, pour smooth-blended mix into mason jars
    • Add 1 or 2 shots of beer to mason jar (to taste)
    • Add splash of schnapps or butter as normal
  • Vodka may be omitted; its lack of taste only serves to dilute the other ingredients
  • Herbal liqueur and/or vodka may be replaced with gin
  • Cocktail glasses may be used to serve Straight Up... no, not really...


  1. Some online versions of this recipe call for THIRTY shots of herbal liqueur; this is the equivalent of 45 oz, or approximately two bottles of Jagermeister; this results in an unappetizing dilute hardly worthy of the effort.