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Flaming Moe

The Flaming Homer (now Flaming Moe) is a fictitious cocktail from the TV series The Simpsons.


  • a mix of drops of liquor from near-empty bottles
  • a bottle of Krusty Brand non-narcotic cough syrup


  1. Mix together drops from whatever near-empty bottles of liquor happen to be available.
  2. Add one bottle of Krusty Brand non-narcotic cough syrup.
  3. Ignite.


  • Non-Krusty Brand commercial cough syrup may not be substituted; it lacks the radioactive volatile compounds needed for the drink to succeed.
  • Root Beer may be an acceptable substitute, particularly with a dash of habanero pepper sauce; it may not be combustible, but your innards will be set afire nonetheless.

Real-world equivalent[]

NOTE: This wiki is not responsible for any damage suffered by consumer: throat, colon, toilet or social.


  1. Combine all ingredients except root beer in a Highball glass
  2. Add ONE ice cube and stir until the ice cube melts
  3. Discard the melted/disintegrated Spoon and fill with root beer
  4. Serve! (keep 9-1-1 on speed dial)

IMPORTANT: Resist the urge to Layer a splash of Everclear or 151-proof rum and light it!