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José Cuervo is a brand of tequila. It has the highest sales of any brand of tequila in the world.

Types of Jose Cuervo Tequila[]

  • Especial (Gold)
  • Especial (Silver)
  • Black
  • Tradicional
  • Platino
  • Reserva de la Familia

Types of Jose Cuervo Margaritas[]

  • Authentic Margaritas: Classic Lime
  • Authentic Margaritas: Strawberry
  • Authentic Margaritas: Pomegranate
  • Authentic Margaritas: Mango
  • Golden Margaritas
  • Margarita Mix: Classic Lime
  • Margarita Mix: Strawberry Lime
  • Cuervo Blue Margarita - Served at Chili's.