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The Madrosa is a champagne cocktail that is the combination of two classic cocktails: the Mimosa and the Madras. As a combination of a brunch standby and a sophisticated evening cocktail, this versatile beverage is equally as suited for Sunday brunch as it is for Thursday evening happy hour.



  1. Pour sparkling wine into a champagne flute
  2. Add vodka, orange juice, and cranberry juice.

Pairings and Notes[]

Leaning closer to the Mimosa side than the Madras, the Madrosa brings additional sophistication to any breakfast food. This bright cocktail is well equipped to offset the heaviness of a hearty brunch heavy with bacon, sausage, and eggs. Its fruitiness also makes it a suitable accompaniment for pancakes or French toast with fruit and whipped cream.

This beverage's lightness also makes it well suited to accompany appetizers or other small bites. It serves as a perfect counterpoint to fried imperial rolls or chicken wings in spicy chili sauce. The notes of sweetness from the corn vodka and dry sparkling wine introduces additional dimension to raw oysters with meunière sauce.