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The Melon Bomb is a clear tropical flavored drink which makes good use of flavored liquor. It is suitable for anyone wanting a classy looking and tasty cocktail. The bomb comes from the shot glass dropping into another glass such as an Irish Car Bomb or a Jäger Bomb or a Boilermaker. This is a much more pleasant bomb drink as it does not need to be chugged to prevent curdling and has a pleasant taste. The dropped shot means the rum does not mix very much and is the last element of the drink tasted, giving it a unique aftertaste. It is a fun drink to watch being made, and its clear appearance from the white rum and clear flavored vodka means its appearance matches that of much stronger and more acquired taste drinks such as martinis.

  • Melon Bomb from the Wikibooks Bartending Guide—original source of recipe, licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License
  • Serves: 1




  1. Rim collins glass with sugar (optional).
  2. Build (or shake if using warm ingredients) vodka and 7-up in a chilled collins (longdrink) glass about half full.
  3. Pour rum in a shot glass.
  4. Drop the shot glass into the collins glass. To prevent spilling cup one hand over the glass as the other hand drops the shot glass. A barmat is a nice tool for this stage.
  5. Drop the cherry into the glass so it falls into the shot glass (it thus displaces some of the rum and begins slightly mixing the cocktail).
  6. Fill the collins glass the rest of the way with ice and/or 7-Up.
  7. Place wedge of lemon or lime on the rim of the collins glass (optional).


  • Replacing the watermelon rum with melon liqueur such as Midori adds a bright green color to the drink.
  • Adding a small layer of cherry juice to the bottom of the shot glass adds a little color to the drink.
  • Adding a second shot of regular vodka to make it a "double strength" or "extra strength" Melon Bomb.