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Peach Dream

There are several recipes called Peach Dream; the one presented herein is a somewhat labor-intensive version (unless you keep your liquour refrigerated!), but if peach is your thing, this is excellent!



  1. Chill peach liqueur by Stirring in a mixing glass with ice
  2. Strain into a sherry glass
  3. Add vermouth to the used ice in the mixing glass. Add additional ice, if necessary
  4. Stir vermouth until chilled
  5. Layer (through straining) vermouth over peach liqueur
  6. Add grenadine to used ice in mixing glass. Do not add additional ice
  7. Stir grenadine briefly until cooled (needs not be completely chilled)
  8. Layer (through straining) grenadine over vermouth
  9. Serve immediarely