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The Ruby Redneck is a beer cocktail popularized in Austin, Texas. 


The name "Ruby Redneck" comes from the key ingredient of ruby red grapefruit juice, with the "redneck" reference deriving from the generally lowbrow inclusion of low-quality domestic lager.


  • 2oz Gin, chilled
  • 4oz Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice Cocktail (100% juice, but not 100% grapefruit juice), chilled
  • 6oz Budweiser (about half a can), chilled
  • Squeeze of lime

To a 16oz highball glass or mason jar, add gin. Proceed to add juice. Pour roughly half a can of Budweiser into the glass. Squeeze in lime. Stirring optional.


As a Central Texas specialty, the Ruby Redneck pairs well with barbecued brisket, jalapeño cornbread, or tacos.