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Sunstone Ally

The Sunstone is a cocktail inspired by the eponymous comic strip by legendary artist Stjepan Šejić; it is a sophisticated take on the classic Vodka Cranberry, but with more depth and a hint of things to come.

The preparation is as important as the presentation, and those who know will not find the ice cube (or any key found inside) out of place...



  1. Combine sugar, one mint sprig and peppercorn in Mixing glass
  2. Use Muddling spoon to Muddle well
  3. Add vodka and cranberry juice
  4. Stir until sugar dissolves
  5. Add lime/lemon juice and ice
  6. Stir until well chilled
  7. Strain into chilled cocktail glass
  8. Garnish with mint sprig and one ice cube
  9. Serve


  • If Tabasco is preferred over the peppercorn, add it after the drink has been strained into the glass and place the ice cube directly over it.
  • Ice cube may include something special, frozen in-place: a small key or ring is very appropriate.