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It started as a joke; a simple way of carrying booze with none the wiser, but over time, it evolved, taking a life of its own at some off-campus bars until it became...


A refreshingly light and delicious cocktail. Best served from a plastic water bottle.

Serves Two



  1. Combine vodka and gin in a 16-oz plastic water bottle[2]
  2. Cap bottle lightly and place in freezer for at least two hours
  3. When ready for service, remove bottle from freezer
  4. Add the cold mineral water
  5. Replace cap tightly
  6. Shake well
  7. Fill two old fashioned glasses or water goblets[3] with ice
  8. Serve the closed bottle alongside the glasses/cups and a small plate or bowl of Lemon wedges.
  9. Pour the cocktail into the glasses in the presence of the consumer, or alternately, allow the consumer to pour it him- or herself.


  1. Gray Goose is an excellent choice, but flavored vodkas, such as the Absolut line of flavored spirits or Don Q's or Bacardi's lines of flavored rums will also yield a flavorful, yet crystal-clear experience.
  2. If custom-labeled, they can yield a distinctive element of class.
  3. Other forms of glassware mat be used, including plastic cups and paper cones (served with a jigger as a cup holder), for a humorous effect.