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Lemon wedge

Citrus wedges are often used as garnish in various cocktails. The most common being lemon, lime and orange wedges.

How to make a citrus wedge[]

To make wedges, first cut the lemon, lime or orange in half. Next, lay the juicy side down on the cutting board and cut each half in half again, lengthwise. Then, carefully cut each quarter in half, lengthwise, so that you have eight pieces.

Using the Wedge[]

Wedges are used primarily for garnish, but also serve a seasoning function wherever present; the drinker or the mixologist uses the juice from the wedge to adjust the flavor and acidity of the drink to taste. For presentation, they can be used in four primary ways:

  1. On the rim of the glass; make a small diagonal cut perpendicular to the axis of the wedge (that is: across its length). Use the cut to hang the wedge on the rim for the drinker to use as desired.
  2. Speared: using a Toothpick, Cocktail Sword or similar equipment, spear the wedge and place on the rim of the glass. If sufficient ice is present, the wedge may be placed directly on top of the drink, held up by the ice. The drinker uses it is he or she sees fit.
  3. Squeezed: in this case, the mixologist squeezes the wedge into the drink and simply drops the squeezed wedge into it. A straw or Swizzle Stick is recommended.
  4. On the side: a small bowl or plate is served alongside the drink, with one or more wedges for the use of the drinker and her/his drinking companions.